Welcome to PatientSky
Learn more about the PatientSky-platform, functions and service here.
PatientSky is an innovative e-health provider with a goal to bring innovation and development to the healthcare industry.
PatientSky consist of three main platforms:
    Clinic portal for healthcare professionals (web)
    Patient portal for patients (web)
    PatientSky phone app for patients (app)
You can continue learning about us and our services on our webpage.

How to use this manual?

In this manual, you will find descriptions of all functionalities that are available on the PatientSky platform, both the clinic portal, patient portal and patient application.
The menus on the left side of your screen will help you navigate through the information. Be aware that some categories in the main menu also contain submenus.
Use the menu on the right to navigate the content when you are reading an article.
Additionally, you can use the search field in the upper right corner. The results show everything that might be relevant according to your search text.

Where do I start?

Get started using PatientSky by administering your and your clinics settings in this article:
Need any help? You are always welcome to contact us at: [email protected]
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