Audit log
All traffic on the platform is being tracked. The Audit log gives you an overview of:
Innsynlogg per pasient
You find the audit log in the clinic module (see where). You have these views:
  • Per patient shows events on this patient. Employees will see their own traffic, while clinic admin can see all traffic.
  • Per employee shows events registered per employee. Employees will see their own traffic, while clinic admin can see for all employees.
Here are some functionalities common for both:
  • There are filter options based on which events, categories and time periods you wish to see the traffic (see where).
  • It's possible to print the audit log. The patient is indicated by their initials and birth date for security reasons (see how).
The events will be marked if the employee has been impersonated when the event was completed. It is only employees in PatientSky or Hove Total who have the access to perform impersonations when handling specific support or migration cases.


How far back does it track traffic? The audit log starts when the feature was put into production. You can use the filter options to go back in time.
Does it also log activities conducted through using shortcuts, such as ALT+P? Yes, the events will be tracked independently of the access method.
How do we activate the audit log? The audit log is a product available for everyone and doesn't require activation.
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