Clinic setup

This page contains information for Super Users.

Clinic administrators have access to an extra set of functions in the clinic module. Access as clinic administrator is granted under Data access on the employee card.

Click the gear icon to open the Configuration module, or use shortcut ALT + , (comma). Below Clinic in the menu you find the different categories for administrating your clinic.

Clinic configuration and settings


Under Departments, you see the different departments your clinic is divided into if the clinic has more than one department. For clinics with only one department, the field is grey. Click the edit icon to change settings such as name, address and more.

To have more departments created, the clinic must be registered as a health centre or hospital in basic settings. This is configured by PatientSky on behalf of the clinic.

Here you will also find an overview of all roles and positions at the clinic, or per department.

  • Roles are the various job titles at the clinic, such as physiotherapist, doctor or Administration manager. A role works as a data access template, so a new position with this role gets these access settings by default.

  • Positions are the employees who hold one of the roles at the clinic. There can be several positions in one role, (example. multiple doctors) - but only one position per employee.

Create a role

Create a new role

To create a role,

  1. Click Create role

  2. Choose position type, e.g. doctor, physiotherapist, etc. from the drop-down menu or begin typing to get suggestions.

  3. The role is automatically named after the position type, but if you want a custom name, you can change it.

  4. The specialisation option is available depending on the chosen position type, ex. a doctor can have an Endocrinology specialisation.

  5. Select the functions the role should have. Functions are specific responsibilities or tasks at the clinic. Read more about functions below.

  6. Then choose which data accesses this role should have for the various modules that are activated for the clinic.

  7. Add role.


Call centre
Patient treatment
24-hour service

A function for those responsible for the reception inbox. Employees with the function turn the access on and off.

Call centre

A function for those who are responsible for incoming calls to the reception. Employees with this function can turn it on and off based on whether they want to receive calls from the main queue.

Patient treatment

A function for those who take part in patient treatment.

24-hour service

A function for those at the clinic who take part in the 24-hour service in the municipality. The function can be toggled on and off.


A function for those who take part in the administrative work at the clinic.


A function for those who work in the laboratory at the clinic.

When you add a function, it is also possible to send a request for a new function. Fill out the form and submit.

We advise adding functions as it makes it easier to route incoming traffic related to the various tasks at the clinic. If you work with incoming calls one day and in the lab the next day, you can easily check in and out of the functions to receive calls or avoid them.