Learn how to set up your clinic's website.

If you use our website solution, the setup for your website can be accessed from the configuration module. Under Clinic, click Website.

Website setup

Do you already have a domain?

Domain means that you own and pay for a webpage with a name. Ex.

It is important that your webpage guide your patient to book an appointment when they visit your webpage, ex. PatientSky. That is why your webpage should redirect patients to find PatientSky when your clinic is using our services.

All you need to do is to send an email to the domain host you are using today and tell them where to redirect the traffic. (Fastname and DomeneShop are two commonly used hosts).

Log in to PatientSky and create a subdomain to where the traffic will be redirected.

Setup and contents

Basic information

First, add the basic information.

The website's basic information

Main title: Name of the clinic. Subtitle: Free text, ex. "Welcome!"

Subdomain URL: This is the website's URL. Type in the name of the clinic in one word. This is the domain your old webside will be redirected to, if you already have one. Ensure that Website activated is toggled on and click Open website to access the exact URL (e.g.

Find exact URL


Decide your website's theme.

The website's theme

Main photo: Upload a photo of e.g. the clinic or the area where the clinic is located. The photo will be displayed on the website front page.

Colour theme: Select the colour theme you would like, or use the standard colours.

Employees to be displayed on the homepage

Here you can set up which employees will appear on the front page of your website. You can set different criteria, so you do not have to edit this manually every time a new employee starts, or you can set up individual employees.

Click Add.

Either choose a criteria: roles, groups or functions. Example: if you choose the role doctor, all doctors will be displayed on the front page. You can also choose several criteria, e.g.: the role doctor and everyone in the group LAB. Individual users can be excluded by adding them to People excluded.

Or, choose the specific employees you want to be displayed from Positions.

Set up filtering for employees

Toggle on for the information you want to be displayed on your website in display settings.

Display settings for employees on the website

Contact info and content

The address and phone number registered on the clinic will show in contact info and will be displayed on the website.

Further, toggle on what content you want to be displayed on the website.

Contact info, content and settings for the website

Appointment booking section

If you toggle on for showing the appointment booking section, you can define which option for online booking to display on the website.

If you use online booking without login, you can choose to display Link to external booking in your website. The patient will then be sent to your external booking site when clicking Consultation on your website (see how). With this option you can also choose which calendar should show as default.

Choose Link to external booking

If you don't use online booking without login, you can choose Patient portal as booking type. Then the patient portal will open when the patient clicks Consultation on your website.

Choose Patient portal


You have the option to display a map.

The map section requires you to insert the coordinates of the clinic. Go to Google Maps.

  1. Search for the clinic's address.

  2. Right click on the location in the "what's here"

  3. Copy the coordinates, and paste the longitude and latitude digits into PatientSky.

From Google Maps

Information boxes

It is also possible to add information boxes for general info and holidays. Toggle on the boxes and fill out the fields.

Information boxes

Publish news

In the clinic module, go to News.

News in the Clinic module
News overview

From here you can publish news for the clinic. The news published here will be visible both on the website and in the patient app. Patients will receive a push notification if they have this activated.

Click on Add news to create new and add a Headline and content. Toggle on Published if the article should be published right away, or toggle off it should be published later.

Add news item