Desktop Services
Learn about how to connect some external systems to PatientSky.
The platform has two desktop services that enable communication between the platform and software located on the computer.

Desktop Service

The Desktop Service is needed for the integrations with the Jabra headsets or other external systems like DIPS, IHR, and Fürst Forum you need to download our desktop service:
    Click on the i-icon down to the left and choose Help.
    Under PatientSky-service, click Show service status.
    Click Download.
    Find the download in your browser. Click to open, and follow the instructions.
    When it says Ready, the services are ready to be used.
When the desktop service is downloaded, you will find a lookup icon in the search field next to the patient's name. Hover over the icon to open see the different services.

Device management

Device management is used on integrations with the payment terminals from Nets and Verifone.
Open the Configuration module and click Device under Device management. From here you can add several devices for different use.
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