Manage bookings

Creating, editing and deleting appointments

Set up a new appointment

Add a patient to an individual time slot (see how):

  1. Use the shortcut ALT + F to search for the patient in the search field.

  2. Go to your calendar and double-click on an available appointment. The date for the selected appointment is visible at the top of the window.

  3. Add a note about the reason for the appointment, if needed.

  4. Click Create appointment, and the patient is added.

If you want to change the appointment type, select a different one from the Type menu.

Add a patient to a smart slot (see how):

  1. Make sure the patient is activated in the search field.

  2. Hover over the smart slot to find the desired time of appointment, and double-click.

  3. Select the correct appointment type from the list. You can also use the search field to find appointment types. Note that the most recent used appointment type is selected by default.

  4. Click Create appointment.

If you want an overview of which appointment types the smart slot contains and which are available, use the shortcut Alt + Shift + S in the calendar. Repeat to change back to the original view (see how). You can double-click on one of the available timeslots within the smart slot to add a patient to an appointment (see how).

Additional options when creating an appointment

Before you click Create appointment there are other options you can choose.

Change patient The patient you have selected in the search field will automatically be suggested when you set up a new appointment. If you want to use a different patient, click the cross by the patient name and search for the person you want.

Change appointment type Click in the type field, and select from the list.

Other options This allows you to specify the visiting address, reason for visit, and an option to allow concurrent bookings.

Print appointment card Tick this box if you want to give the patient a printed copy of the appointment card.

Change appointment time

  • Drag the appointment to a new time in your calendar; or

  • Right-click on the appointment and either:

    • choose a new time in the time field, or

    • click the scissors icon to cut the appointment, navigate to the desired time in your calendar, then right-click and click on the paste icon.

Extend the appointment

  • Right-click on the appointment and choose a new time in the time field; or

  • Hover over the bottom edge of the appointment, click and drag down to the desired time.

Click and drag to quickly extend an appointment

Delete an appointment

An appointment can be deleted within 5 minutes from it was set up (see how). This is to ensure that if you made a mistake, you have a 5 minute buffer before the patient receives a notification, if the appointment type is configured to send notifications.

After 5 minutes, the appointment has to be cancelled. Read how here.

Appointments booked by a patient

Appointed booked by a health professional will have a solid border (on left), and appointments booked by a patient have a dotted border (on right).

Patient notifications

If your clinic has set up alerts, patients will get automatic notifications when a new appointment is set up, changed or deleted.

After you first set up an appointment, PatientSky waits for five minutes before informing the patient. The patient won't be notified of any changes you make within these five minutes.

This also applies if you delete the appointment within five minutes — the patient won't be notified that an appointment was ever set up.

If the patient is registered with a full Personal number, they can log in to the PatientSky app or the patient portal to see appointment times and details. If the patient has used the PatientSky app or patient portal before, they'll have a green icon next to their name in the search field.