Changelog 19.01.2022

A new economic report is here!
Users with our economy system can now use our new monthly and annual report.
The report provides an overview of the finances per month for the entire year. This is a useful overview for monthly, quarterly or annual accounting or internal bookkeeping. It can also be useful to compare your monthly turnover.
Stay tuned for the user manual!

Changelog 06.01.2022

Login with HelseID

We now support login with HelseID. Read more about HelseID.
When you log in to PatientSky via HelseID, you’ll automatically be logged in to other systems that also use HelseID, e.g. Fürst Forum Web.

Patient Feedback is in Pilot

The Patient feedback module allows you to automatically send surveys to patients, and get an overview of their responses. Read more here.

Changelog 10.12.2021

Filter journal notes by time period

Now you can filter journal notes by date, and print them out. Read more here.

Changelog 11.11.2021

The platform has been updated!
  • More vaccines from the Norwegian Immunisation Registry have been added. They require you to state a reason for the vaccination:
AII02 Adjuvantert inaktivert influensavaksine
ASZ03 Covid-19 AstraZeneca (covid-19 ChAdOx1-S rekombinant)
BNT03 Covid-19 BioNTech og Pfizer (covid-19 mRNA vaksine)
CSH03 Covid-19 Serum institute of India (covid-19 ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 rekombinant)
CUR03 Covid-19 CureVac (covid-19 mRNA vaksine)
FLU02 Influensa (renset antigen, inaktivert injeksjon)
FLU03 Influensa (levende svekket nasal)
JAN03 Covid-19 Janssen-Cilag (covid-19 Adenovirus type 26 vektor)
MOD03 Covid-19 Moderna (covid-19 mRNA vaksine)
SIN03 Covid-19 Sinovac (inaktivert virus)
  • New lab codes have been added. You can easily add them to internal lab as explained here:
NPU19677 U-Albumin
NPU09102 U-Kreatinin

Changelog 10.11.2021

The DigiCare integration is updated!
The integration now supports online booking through DigiCare for clinics with several departments.
If your clinic offers services at different locations, the correct appointments will show at the correct location when the patient books an appointment.

Changelog 02.11.2021

HelseNorge integration is updated!
We now support resource calendars. Patients are able to book lab-services, vaccinations etc. via HelseNorge
This service is relevant for customers that already uses our integration with HelseNorge. If you want to offer resource calendars, please contact [email protected] in order to activate the service.
Read more about how you configure resource calendars here.

Changelog 20.10.2021

We’ve hugely improved Timeline
Timeline now gives you a better overview of trends and changes in a patient's health by displaying objective measurements in an improved way.
You now can:
  • View, edit and add objective measurements directly in Timeline
  • Expand and collapse each type of objective measurement to either:
    • See trends over time in graph view
    • or display more on your screen using the compact table view.
  • View objective measurements over the course of a day, month, or year.
  • Hide types of objective measurements you don’t need
Read more about how you can use the improved Timeline in the user manual.

Changelog 28.09.2021

Device management has been improved to support future integrations and to give a better user experience.
Device management let's you install the PatientSky Service and the PatientSky Device Service. These services enables third party integrations (local software, e.g. external lab systems) and devices connected to the clinic's computers (e.g. payment terminals) to communicate with the platform.
Both services are now to be found in Configuration and settingsDevice management. Read more here.
The PatientSky Service and device service is now to be found in Device Management

Changelog 22.09.2021

New functionality

Two new shortcuts!
  • Answer inbound calls by pressing ALT+W.
  • When writing a treatment note, search for attachments by using the shortcut ALT+.
ALT+ opens the attachments menu.


The Correspondence tab in Journal is improved.
  • A column displaying periods for sick leaves is added. This makes it easier to see the duration of the sick leave (see example).
  • A column displaying recipient is added for referrals and discharge summaries (see example).
  • The columns that showed participants and the date for when the message was updated are removed from discharge summaries, sick leaves and referrals.
Other improvements:
  • If you haven’t given your browser permission to use the microphone on your computer, the phone system will not work. The notification warning about this is made clearer.
Give your browser permission to use your microphone in order for the phone system to work.
  • When creating a ledger and choosing owner, the list of employees are sorted correctly in alphabetic order.

Bug fixes

  • If an emoji is used in the subject field in an e-consultation, you will no longer receive an error message when you add the e-consultation to the journal.
  • Bug fixed related to searching for owners when creating a ledger.

Changelog 06.09.2021

New functionality

  • Now you can mark a patient mors. Read what it requires and how it's done here.
Mark patient mors
  • We have introduced quick booking to the app - a new way of booking appointments. Read about it in the previous changelog here.
  • Some customers with our phone system have experienced errors when uploading new audio files. In cases where this is due to errors in the phone setup that our support department assists with, you will be notified about this where you upload the audio file.
Bug fixes
  • When searching a problem by search for the diagnose code, the codes will display chronologically.
  • A bug when downloading messages from the message log is fixed.

Changelog 30.08.2021

Quick booking

A new way to book appointments, making it faster and easier for patients to find the next available appointment at a clinic.
  • Patients can filter appointments by health professional (calendar), appointment type, or location (gif).
  • The location filter only appears if the clinic has more than one location (visiting address) listed in their available appointments (image).
  • The app will automatically show the first day that has available appointments.
  • The available appointment types are shown in chronological order.
  • If an appointment is offered with multiple mediums/contact types, the patient will be asked to choose before confirming the appointment (image)
  • Users will now see a button to add the confirmed appointment to their phone’s calendar (image).
  • We have retained the older method of booking appointments, which can be accessed via the Clinic information screen (image).
  • Quick booking appears on the top of the clinic’s list of available services
The blue clinic card on the homescreen now has a new layout (image).
  • Tap Booking to book an appointment with quick booking
  • Tap on the clinic name or More services to see all of the available services at a clinic.
Quick booking will show all available appointments by default. If clinics experience an increase of patients booking appointments with the incorrect practitioners, we recommend checking the booking rules on practitioners calendars.
UX enhancements
  • The settings and services search buttons on the homescreen have new icons and text (image).
  • An improved sound icon in video consultations now reflects where audio is playing: through bluetooth, wired headphones or on loudspeaker (image).
  • If a patient hasn’t selected a clinic, a prompt on the home screen will be displayed (image).
  • Search displays favourite clinics first in the results (image). Favourite clinics are sorted in the following order:
    • Clinic where the patient has their primary doctor (GP),
    • Clinics where patients has marked as favourite in the app,
    • Clinics that have been visited by a patient.
Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Appointment times are now formatted consistently on the home screen. (PFB-608)
  • The microphone will remain muted if a call reconnects. (PFB-605)
  • URLs in messages now function correctly.

Changelog 06.07.2021

  • If the patient has a default payer registered, you can easily switch between the patient or the default payer on the service order, based on who should pay the current order (see how). This way you don’t need to remove the default payer permanently in cases where the patient is to pay. Read how to add a default payer for the patient and how to change payer.
  • When logging off the phone, your status will reflect faster for your colleagues.
Bug fixes
  • Bug fix related to requisitions in eUnilabs to patients with a D number.
  • You will be alerted if you by mistake choose landline and try to add a mobile number on the patient card (see how). Patient notifications can only be sent to mobile phone numbers - this way you ensure the notification is sent.

Changelog 02.07.2021

Improvement to insurance
The number of applied treatments will adjust automatically for insurance claims without Sak-ID. The adjustment happens when the system generates an EHF invoice when creating a service order. This means you don't have to adjust the number yourself when a service order with an insurance claim has been created. This will be confirmed in the notification. See how:
The number of applied treatments adjusts automatically
Read more about insurance and coverage here.

Changelog 23.06.2021

New functionality Choose your color theme in the portal - blue or orange, from your profile. Read more here.
Change color theme in the portal
  • Search function is added to nationality on the patient card, so you don’t need to scroll through the entire list (see how).
  • You get notified if you add an external identifier that is already registered on another patient. You will be informed which patient the identifier is registered on, in case you would like to change it (see how).
Bug fixes
  • User settings for communication is made available again. Read more about user settings here.
  • Bug fixed related to export of turnover report.
  • Bug fix relating to configuration of communication types.

Changelog 22.06.2021

Patient self check in now available
Clinics can now offer self check in to patients via the PatientSky app or through their Convene payment terminals.
Using the PatientSky app, patients can check in up to 5 minutes in advance of their appointments.
Find out more about self check in, or get in touch with us to request this feature for your clinic.

Changelog 09.06.2021

New functionality

  • You can create your own reply templates to use when answering dialogues. Answer more efficiently and avoid writing similar replies again and again. Read how to create a reply template here and how to use them here.
  • It’s now possible to forward electronic messages (such as discharge summaries and referrals) internally to other employees at the clinic. Read more here.
Forward electronic messages


  • The drop-down menu in the calendar is extended, making it easier to see more calendars at once.
  • It is possible to transfer journals up to 50MB.
  • Oppgjørskontoret has become DigiCare, the new name is shown throughout the platform, including in the customer list.
  • SLV warnings will no longer be received in Important messages. Warnings received before this update will still be available, but can be archived.

Bug fixes

  • The scrollbar in the journal will be available when the zoom in Google Chrome internet browser is set to 100%.
  • When a HELFO service order is used several times, the receipt will show the sum per service order, e.g. 3 treatments at 40,00.
  • In the service order report the creation date is now used instead of the order date.
  • A bug-fix when exporting the tariff overview report.
  • The maximum number of self-bookable appointments will now also apply to group appointments.

Changelog 31.05.2021

In this update we’re introducing new functions for the HelseNorge integration, and several improvements and bug fixes.
New functionality
  • Now you can self-define who at the clinic can receive the different message types sent from HelseNorge. Read more here.
Configuration of standard recipients for HelseNorge messages
  • In the e-contact and e-consultation window, a new information box shows who can read each messages (see where).
  • In prescription renewals and the inbox, visual improvements make it easier to see the list of prescriptions that the patient wishes to renew, along with the patient’s comment (see example).
  • Group appointments will not be bookable through HelseNorge
  • Only doctors, health secretaries and nurses have access to e-consultations that are generated from journal events.
  • E-contacts sent from the clinic to a patient will no longer appear in all other users’ inboxes, these will instead be shown in open messages. This will mean fewer dialogs in each of the user’s inbox.
  • It is now possible to add more participants when starting an e-contact or e-consultation. Here’s how you can make sure a colleague who will be involved can receive messages.
Bug fixes
  • When a health professional other than the patient’s GP sends an e-consultation, the journal event now shows the correct name of the sender.
  • Services that are not enabled for the user in the Address Registry will not appear as an alternative in Hove Total.
  • “Last activity”, “Last message” and “Last message from” in the inbox now update correctly.
  • Rules for which patient list has access to book a specific type of appointment is now reflected in HelseNorge.

Changelog 26.05.2021

The platform is updated with several improvements and bug fixes.
Improvements to forms
  • On selected lab forms, you are now notified if you need to mark the form using a pen to show which tests should be taken.
  • Use tab to select checkboxes in forms.
  • It’s now faster to preview a completed form that is saved in a journal note.
Other improvements
  • Telephone consultations are now indicated with a solid blue telephone icon. If a patient is booked for an appointment, you can click on the icon to start the telephone consultation.
  • If the clinic doesn’t use our phone system, the patient card will open and the patient’s telephone number will be displayed.
  • You will be notified when you have set up a telephone consultation for a patient who does not have a telephone number. In important alerts you will now only see messages that are marked as important. This includes those that are checked as important in the communication module and messages with a high priority (three stars).
  • The calendar now shows a default view of 07:00 - 17:00 for new users, ensuring fewer new users need to make changes.
  • It is possible to add drafts of a journal note to an epicrisis.
  • Printouts of group appointments now include participants’ name and date of birth.
  • Smartluker are now automatically excluded from holidays when creating your work schedule.
  • We have received feedback that the field of police numbers within an insurance agreement is not relevant and have therefore removed it.
  • Removed an unnecessary tooltip over date of birth on insurance claims.
  • We have made a number of improvements to optimise the reaction time in the telephone module.
Bug fixes
  • The clinic’s name is shown in patient notifications.
  • When a group appointment is cancelled, the time period is now made available for online booking.
  • Patients can only book the maximum number of self-booked appointments per type of appointment.
  • All journal templates will be available when selecting a journal template in the treatment note.
  • Fixed a bug related to online visibility of smartluker. Read how it functions here.
  • Miscalculation of tariff G has been corrected.
  • Bug fixes related to HELFO payments.

Changelog 25.05.2021

New functionality and improvements in the app.
Joining a video consultation is easier:
  • Users now receive a push notification 15 minutes before their video consultation is due to begin. When the user taps the notification, they will be automatically connected to the virtual waiting room.
  • Users can now start video consultations directly from the home screen. A ‘Start consultation’ button appears next to the appointment time when a video consultation takes place in the next 15 minutes.
Other improvements include:
  • Identification timeout has been changed from when a user leaves the app, to 30 seconds. A user can come back to the app within this timeframe and avoid the requirement to identify with Biometric or PIN ID.
  • Improved analytics will help us better understand the causes of some infrequent crashes.

Changelog 18.05.2021

The platform is updated!
Website update Our website users can now define which online booking should be linked to on their website. Choose between external booking page without login or link to the patient portal. Read more here.
Other improvements
  • When downloading a patient list, the country code for the patient's phone number is included.
  • Appointment notifications on email show the name and duration of the appointment.
  • Only users with access to the patient's problem list will be able to access journal templates and document templates. Read more here.

Changelog 06.05.2021

In this update we have improved the system so that basic tasks and features are now available on tablets. Read more in this article.

Changelog 28.04.2021

New functionality

  • Add important notes regarding the patient. A long-awaited function among our customers that gives you the opportunity to notify other employees about conditions around the patient or important reminders to yourself and your colleagues. The note is displayed when the patient is activated in the search field and in the patient’s journal. Read more here. Note that this feature is only available for our journal users.
Important note on patient
  • Everyone at the clinic can now access an audit log. This gives you an overview of who has opened the patient card and the journal, per employee or per patient, based on your access rights. Read more about the audit log here.

Improvements and bug fixes for sick leaves

  • Bug fix related to the Send button being inactive after choosing a period for the sick leave.
  • Fixed a bug where the text written in the field “Eventuelle andre innspill til NAV” (translation: Other input to NAV) might have been added to the field 7.1 when a sick leave is extended.
  • When extending a sick leave, the bi diagnoses in the original sick leave is automatically added to the extended version.
  • It is made clearer that field 11 “Backdating” must be filled out when a sick leave is backdated. This will reduce the chance that the sick leave message fails and must be filled in again.

Improved stability

  • Increased speed when syncing with RF.
  • Faster loading time for lab sheets and signing of lab results.
  • Improved loading time for larger journals.
  • Reduced load on inbox. The inbox is updated and receives new messages every fifth second, but if you want to retrieve messages manually, you can press the new refresh button (see how).

Other improvements

  • 30 minutes intervals are now available to select in a smart slot.
  • Improved appearance to the time slot setup.

Bug fixes

  • If the end time is added manually before selecting appointment types in a smart slot, the end time is kept after the appointment types have been selected.
  • If you add an appointment to a service order after completing it, the service order icon will appear on the appointment in the calendar.
  • Invoices can now be made under several circumstances as it no longer has to wait for other functions working on the service order to be completed.

Changelog 19.04.2021

New functionality in the app
  • Users can now see which appointment type they have booked (e.g. phone, video or face-to-face).
  • Users can now book telephone appointments. This is done in the same way as regular face to face appointments.
  • Added appointment length.
  • Updated appointment icons to show appointment type, for example a telephone consultation or a face to face appointment.
  • Changed time until appointment to show exact date and time of appointment.
  • Face-to-face meetings now display the appointment location, if it is specified in the appointment type. If no appointment location is set, the clinic’s visiting address will be shown instead.
  • Meeting type icons are now shown.
  • The clinic icon has been updated.
Various bug fixes, including:
  • The back arrow flow has been fixed.
  • Time formatting has been standardised across the app.
  • Background location functionality has been removed.
  • Support for Android versions <5.0 has been removed.

Changelog 14.04.2021

The calendar has new functionality
We have made timeslots smarter for the practitioner, for the patients and for everyone who uses the calendar.
Read how to set up and manage smart slots here:

Changelog 07.04.2021

  • HELFO is introducing a new application service for individual coverage of medical expenses (blue prescriptions). Applying for individual coverage should now be done in HELFO's new service portal. Read more about our integration in our Norwegian user manual here.
  • You now have the possibility to archive reimbursment applications from HELFO and SLV applications that are located in your inbox (see where).
Bug fixes
  • When deleting a service order the service order icon will disappear from a booked appointment.
  • The Archive button will no longer be visible on messages in the archive inbox.

Changelog 10.03.2021

New features
  • Collected receipts were previously printed with one receipt on each page - now all receipts are collected in one overview, one page (see how). This ensures fewer pages to print and makes it easier for the patients to see their total amount for the chosen period. Read more about collected receipts here.
Bug fixes
  • ‌Exemption card 1 was shown as an exemption card 2 on the service order - this is now fixed, so exemption card 1 is the only remaining.
  • If you delete a custom tariff, you will no longer experience problems reusing the same tariff code.

Changelog 25.02.2021

We are now launching features as municipal joint settlement and reminders of Helfo settlements and several other improvements. ‌
  • You are able to define which patients that are able to book the appointments available in your calendar. This means that you are able to differentiate between which appointments certain patients are able to book – without having to create separate calendars.
    • Define visiting address by using free text. For example: Next to the main entrance.
    • Tab previously known as Service codes is now called Rules. In addition to set the service codes for that appointment type attached to a calendar, you are able to choose specific patient lists for this appointment type.
    • Overview of which appointments that are attached to a patient list in your calendar.
  • It is even easier to send Helfo settlement on time by subscribing to reminders. Read more here.
  • The platform supports merging free cards ceilings 1 and 2.
  • If you receive a message that is not related to a patient, you can identify the message and enter it into the correct medical record.
  • Reminder to add full social security number on the patient when you use Helfo service codes. THis will make sure that the patients' deductible is registered properly in Frikortregisteret.
  • Extended history on billing card
  • Rate 701h quick test/antigen test covid-19 is available.
  • It is arranged to send municipal joint settlement.
  • You are now able to print out the appointment when it is a hidden appointment (Administrative appointement)
Bug fixes
  • Challenges of sending referrals via DIPS Interactor have now been fixed.
  • Corrections to the user interface on accounting reports.
  • It is again possible to delete your own tariff codes.
  • Approved helfo settlements are now registered on the day they were approved and not the date they were sent.

Changelog 04.02.2021

This update includes several improvements to the PatientSky app:
  • Translations corrected in Google Play and App Store
  • Video consultations work as intended
  • Video header no longer blocks other elements on larger phone screens
  • The functions on the app's front page work as intended on all screen sizes and when using zoom settings on the phone
  • Push notifications on Android are fixed
  • Bug fixed related to typing text in an e-consultation
  • Line breaks are possible in dialogues
  • When you use the
  • When you click the button to go back, you are directed to the previous view and not to the home page
  • Text in the app icon corrected on Android
Read more about the app here.

Changelog 03.02.2021

Read our update with new functions and improvements.
  • A new report on tariff usage is available for export in the Economy module. The report gives an overview of a practitioner's tariff usage within a custom time period (see where).
Improvements to online booking without login:
  • The button for completing the booking is made more accessible when the patient is using a phone. This ensures that the patient completes the booking.
  • The date picker has become more user friendly. Use the arrows to change month and year.
  • The patient is informed if the chosen appointment type is unavailable for the next six months.
  • The full text in the email field is now visible.
  • Bug fixed related to entering the phone number.
  • Graphic adjustments when ordering from a mobile device.
Fixed errors:
  • The search field in the journal displays results when searching for journal events using free text.
  • When the start date of a sick leave is backdated in field 0, the dates back in time are made available in field 4.3.1.
  • If you are in the configuration module, you will now be able to open other modules using shortcuts.

Changelog 25.01.2021

In this update, we've upgraded the clinic module to fit the same design and workflow as other modules. Therefore all settings of configuration functionality are moved to the Configuration and settings - shown as a gear symbol in the left-side menu (see where).
In the clinic module this regards:
Other clinic tools are still available in the clinic module, such as patient lists and file archive (see where).
Other improvements:
  • Filter for diagnosis codes in the file archive can be found in its own menu (see how).
  • SEO (Search engine optimalization) has been removed.
  • It's been added a comment field at the end date when absence is registered on an employee.

Changelog 20.01.2021

  • With the vaccination of Covic 19 have led to a few updates on the Norwegian Immunisation Registery (SYSVAK) integration:
    • The Covid19 vaccine is in the vaccine catalogue
    • You can add the reason the vaccine (risk group, healthcare staff, other or unknown cause)
  • Additionally, these changes have been made to the platform:
    • The ICPC-2B codes are available when creating a medical certificate
    • Eika Insurance company has been added to the portfolio meaning they will receive incoices through the platform.
    • The eLearning platform has been moved and the content is now more easily accessible here in the user manual.
These errors have been fixed:
  • You can edit previously created tariff codes
  • Journal notes which is connected to an appointment can now be saved
  • Possible to send forms requests through the platform
  • Translation of label.owner has been readded

Changelog 02.12.2020

  • PatientSky runs synchronisations with the Norwegian Immunisation Registry - SYSVAK. The update now ensures more and better information in three ways: (see how)
    • If the synchronisation can't be completed due to lack of SSN or D-number
    • when the synchronisation is completed
    • Time of the last completed sync - and you can easily start a new one.
  • SakID is a national insurance case ID to a common network of insurance companies in Norway. The platform supports electronic invoices according to updates done in this registry, such as who should be invoiced.
  • DigiCare has developed an integration with PatientSky so that patients can book insurance treatments directly from the "Bli Frisk" application to the practitioners calendar. Read more here.

Changelog 04.11.2020

  • Shortcuts make the user experience even better, and we've made them even more visible to help the users to navigate (see how). You can always get a full overview here.
  • Remember to congratulate your patients! See who has a birthday with the new icon in the patient field. (se hvor)
  • Now everyone at the clinic can transfer a journal, also healthcare secretaries on behalf of a GP.
  • PLO is messages sharing medical information about the patient. If you add these to the patient card, it becomes much quicker to send these messages from the medication module. Select the action icon and "Send PLO".
  • Automatic selected Requester based on roles when using the DIPS integration.
Fixed errors:
  • Now weekly templates get automatically updated in the schedule.
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