Why don't I receive messages that are sent to the clinic? Make sure that you have activated the communication type from your user settings.

It is also important to check if you are included as a recipient. Go back to the Configuration and settings > Communication types and check if your name is listed as a recipient.

Why can't the patient send a message? Make sure that the patient is not blocked for using online services, and that the patient is a part of the selected patient list.

How can I remove a communication type just for me? Click on your profile image in the very top left corner, then go to View profile > User settings and toggle off the ones you no longer want to use. Why can't the patient receive the message?

  1. Check the patient is selected as a participant in the dialogue, otherwise, they will not be able to see the message.

  2. Check the patient is not blocked from using online services. Go to the Patient card, Access and merging.

How do I know if I have received a new message? New messages are displayed by a number in several places on the platform:

  • Communication module icon.

  • On the different mailboxes.

  • Widgets.

Where can I find the messages I have sent to a patient? Click on the mailbox Sent to see all the messages you have sent.

Where can I find messages I have read but not answered to? If the messages have not been closed, answered to or archived, you will find them in the mailbox Open.

How can I send a message to all of my patients at once? There is currently no way to send a message to all patients.

There are other options for you to inform your patients:

  • If you are using the Website functionality, you can publish news. These will also be available in the app.

  • You can also create templates. The actual sending of the messages needs to be done manually.

Why won't the patient receive a notification when they receive a new message? The patient needs to register either an e-mail address or a phone number to receive a notification. You can add this information to the patient card.

Click on Notifications on the patient card to see the status of all the notifications.

Can I use templates to answer patients? Yes.

How can I block a communication type for the entire clinic? You can easily delete a communication type. Click on the Configuration module > Communication types click on one top open them and click on the red cross. ‚Äč