The ledger module makes sure that practitioners can create service orders, charge patients, and send in orders to Helfo.


How can I fix an incorrectly listed service order? You can delete, refund and credit incorrect service orders. Read more about it here. Why do the services not appear on service order automatically? For services to automatically appear on the service order, they need to be connected to the appointment type. Then create a service order on the patient when the appointment is done. Read more about it here.
How can medical interns with fixed salary by the municipality use service centers? If you are creating a service center for a medical intern with a fixed salary by the municipality, make sure to choose "municipal" under Service center type. Account number and organisation number should be from the municipality. ‌ If the medical intern is also going to work in the ER, you should also create a private service center for him or she to use.
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