Helfo (The Norwegian Health Economics Administration) responsibilities include making payments from the National Insurance scheme (Folketrygden) to healthcare providers as well as individual refunds of expenses incurred by private individuals relating to medicines, dental healthcare and health services abroad.
Read more on Helfo's website.

Activate Helfo service codes

Before you can use the Helfo services, the codes needs to be activated at the clinic.
    Open the configuration module -> Economy -> then click Services
    Open Service settings
    Choose the Helfo services you want to activate, based on the different roles (se hvordan).
When the services are activated, they are available from the service order (se hvor).
Remember to add the services to the appointment type to use automatic services.
If there are any changes to the services from Helfo, the platform will automatically update these.

Automatic Helfo services

For the services to be added automatically to the service order, they need to be connected to the appointment type.
    Open Configuration and settings, Planner then Appointment types.
    Click on the appointment type you want to change.
    Open the Service codes tab.
    Click Setup service codes, choose your calendar, and add the relevant Helfo services.
    Click Update and Update type to save.
You need to choose the calendar the services should be connected to so that other practitioners at the clinic can use the same appointment type even though they are using their own services.
When you create a service order that is connected to an appointment, the services that are added to that appointment type will automatically be added to the service order.

Automatic Helfo services for group appointments

If you need to use automatic services for group appointments, this is not added under the Service codes tab.
To add automatic Helfo services to the group appointment, just toggle on the Helfo option, and answer the different questions. You can also add services that you have created yourself, like charging for entrance.
Remember to click Update when you have done your changes.

Send Helfo claims

To send a claim to Helfo, open the Ledger module -> Helfo -> and choose Helfo orders (se hvor). All service orders that includes helfo services and is ready to be sent, are available from this overview. Choose service center, service performer, and time period. The relevant service orders are available from the list.
To prevent the claim of being rejected by Helfo, it is important that service orders do not overlap depending on the services that are used. Open the alignment window. (se hvor).
If there is no overlap, this will be confirmed. If there is an overlap, correct this by drag the service order to the correct time (se hvordan).
When the service orders are validated, click Send to Helfo.
    Select individual service orders or select them all
    Click Send, and sign the claim with your BuyPass card.
When the claim is sent, it is available from Helfo Claims.
Some Helfo services only include deductible for the patient. These service orders are not available from the Helfo order list, but will be sent automatically next time you send a Helfo claim. This also goes for service orders where there is a Helfo- and patient share, but the patient share is set to be paid later.

Get reminders of Helfo settlements

We have made it even easier to remember to submit Helfo settlement by allowing you to subscribe to reminders!
Activate the reminders in the action icon in the Helfo overview in the finance module - or press yes the next time you send a helfo settlement and are asked to receive reminders. The reminders are placed in unfinished tasks field when orders are created but not sent to Helfo within 14 days.

Send BKM without connection to NHN

If you are not connected to NHN, you are still able to send BKM to Helfo. Follow the same procedure as described above.

Status for sent Helfo claims

Go to Helfo claims to see all your claims that are sent to Helfo (se hvor).
Choose a service center, service performer, and time period to sort your claims. Here are the different statuses.
    Approved: The claim is approved and will be disbursed.
    Rejected: The claim is rejected and needs to be corrected before it will be disbursed.
    Partly rejected: Parts of the claim is rejected and needs to be corrected before it will be disbursed.
    Unsigned: The claim is saved but not sent to Helfo.
    Awaiting status: The claim is sent, but is not yet handled by Helfo.

Rejected Helfo orders

All rejected Helfo order are listed under Rejected Helfo orders (se hvor).
    Choose service center and service performer.
    Click to open the rejected order. You are prompted with Helfo's justification for the rejected order, and are able to correct any mistakes.
    Click Update when the correction is complete.
You can only correct any mistakes directly in the service as long as the patient has not paid their deductible. If the patient has already paid, you can only correct the Helfo service that only includes a Helfo share.

Prevent rejection from Helfo

There are many scenarios regarding rejected Helfo orders. The most common one may be overlap. Read more about how to prevent an overlap here.
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