Kommunalt fellesoppgjør

This is only available for doctors at the moment.

Set up

To make sure that everyting is ready for "kommunalt fellesoppgjør," you have for creating a service center for this. The set up also assumes that the municipality has correclty set up in AR and has the right deals with Helfo.

  1. From Service center type make sure to choose Municipal - Shared ledger.

It is only possible for clinic admnistrator to choose Municapl - Shared ledger from SErvice center type.


The service order is created as normal. Only thing you need to remember is:

  • Remember to choose the service center that you have created for "kommunalt fellesoppgjør".

  • Service performer is chosen based on who has treated the patient. This is the information that is included in the settlement that is sent to Helfo.

Overview and send settlement

You will find all orders and settlements as before. Clinic administrators are able to sort by "All" from the Service performer-field.

Everyone at the clinic is able to send a "fellesoppgjør". Just follow the same explanation as before.

When sending the settlement you can choose who should be included by the practitioners at the clinic, either one or multiple practitioners.

You are also able to add and remove orders from the settlement.

When signing the "fellesoppgjør", you do not use your Buypass card, but the municipalitiy's "virksomhetsertifikat".


I have activated reminders for Helfo. Does this also work for "fellesoppgjør"? No, reminders is only available for "enkeltoppgjør".