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Create a service order

To charge the patient, you need to create a service order.
Activate the patient in the search field and use the shortcut Alt +B. You can also create a service order by clicking the service order-icon from several places on the platform. Notice the following:
    The patient is added because we have chosen the patient in the search field.
    The appointment is added if the patient is scheduled for one today or the last three days. If the appointment is not connected, we recommend that you add it to the service order.
    Order date and time are changed automatically to be the same as the appointment.
    The minute counter starts from the moment the patient is activated in the search field. Click at the counter to view a log of when the patient has been activated. The counter logs continuously all the time spent on a patient, however only the past 4 days are shown in the log, as this is the number of days between Friday, the weekend and Monday. This means you'll be able to see on Monday how much time you spent on a patient Friday, if you waited to create the service order. Should you have the need to pause the time, click on the counter, and click again to start.
    Service center and service performer is based on what is chosen as standard (Choose standard).
    The Diagnosis is retrieved from the patient's latest journal note.
    If you have added services to the appointment type, and the service order is connected to the appointment, the services are added automatically.
    If you use Helfo-services:
      it will automatically check if the patient has a valid exemption card or other guarantee codes.
      It will check if other Helfo services should be added.
      If the patient is only saved with a birth date, you will get a pop-up warning saying that you need to add social security number for the patient's deductible to be registered correctly.
If everything listed above is added automatically, everything has the right setup.
Choose payment. If the patient should pay a deductible, you can choose between these options
    Integrated terminal (NETS, Verifone or Melin Medical).
    Mark as paid with card or cash. If you are using other solutions for payment you can use this option.
    If you are using PatientSky's invoice solution, the option Invoice is available.
    Mark it as pay later if you later want to create a collected bill. These service orders can still be sent to Helfo, even though the patient has not paid yet.
If there is no deductible, just click Create order.
Services orders are a separate feature that can always be created, either attached to an appointment or not. A service order always needs to be created, but a lot is filled in automatically. A practitioner should always double-check if the service order is correct, and choose how it should be paid.

Change payer

If the patient is registered with a standard payer, e.g. a company, the company will automatically be the payer when you create a service order.
You can easily choose whether the patient or the standard payer should be the payer of the service order in question. On the service order, click Remove standard payer or Use standard payer (see how).

Find back to created service orders

If a service order is connected to an appointment, the appointment will be marked with an icon.
You will find all the created service orders:

View and print receipt

To view and print a receipt, open the service order from where you prefer, e.g. from ledger on the patient card. Go to the tab Receipt (see where).

Collected receipts

In cases where the patient would like a collected receipts of several treatments, you can print a collected receipt.
    Open the patient card and go to Ledger.
    Click the print icon and choose the service orders you want to be included in the receipt (see how).
All the service orders you chose will show on one page.

Service orders for companies

How to create a service order for a company:
    Type the name of the company in the search field, and click on it.
    Click on the new service order icon. The company is added to the service order.
    Add the patient the company is paying for.
    Add the services.
    Choose the payment method. If you choose Invoice, the company's address should be used.

Other service orders

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