PatientSky Invoice

PatientSky offers an invoice solution that provides you the opportunity to create your own invoices directly in PatientSky. You are responsible for creating, sending, and follow up payments from patients. Therefore this might be a good additional solution for smaller clinics.

Invoice settings

The solution is activated by PatientSky, and has a default set-up. These settings can be changed if needed.

Notice that these settings applies to the whole clinic, not per user.

  1. Open the Configuration module.

Fill out the fields:

  • Next invoice number: Fill out the next number in your invoice number series. You can use max 7 digits and it can not be changed after the first invoice is created.

  • Choose payment terms (number of days until due date) and a fee.

  • If you want to use reminders, just click to activate. You can use to use first and second reminder, and debt collection.

    • Payment terms for first reminders is number of days after the invoice is sent.

    • Payment terms for second reminders is number of days after the first reminder is sent.

    • Payment terms for debt collection is number of days after the second reminder is sent.

Debt collection notice can not be sent before at least 14 days.

Click Submit to save. The settings applies to all users at the clinic that use PatientSky Invoice.


For KID to be available you need an agreement with your bank to generate OCR files. To use OCR/KID-payment, you need to toggle on Use KID.

Contact your bank to create an OCR-agreement. When contacting your bank, you need to inform the bank that you want to use:

  • Modulus 10

  • KIDnr = 11 digits

When your patients has paid their invoice, open your online bankaccount downnloadthe OCR-report. This is a file that is generated by your bank, and will inform you about all payments using KID.

Later you are uploading this file to the platform, so that the system can check which payments that are apprroved or not.

Read more about it here: