Create a service centre

To create a service order and charge your patients, you need to create a service centre for each practitioner or for the whole clinic.

  1. Open Configuration and settings.

  2. Then Ledger > Service centre.

  3. Click New service centre.

  4. Fill in the details, and click Add.

Useful to know when creating a service centre:

  • Service centre name needs to be unique.

  • Description is optional and is shown internally at the clinic.

  • Address on the invoice will be visible to patients.

  • Choose Use insurance agreements to enable the use of insurance.

Private service centres

Choose this option if this is your own service centre. If you wish to give other staff access, click Add, and you can choose between giving access to certain staff members or roles within a clinic. If a staff member is assigned a role in the clinic which has access to your service centre, they will automatically gain access too.

Clinic administrators always have access to all service centres.

Choose a standard service centre

Choosing a Service centre can be done on any service order.

When you create a service order to bill a patient, you can configure different settings to determine which service centre should be chosen when you create service orders.

  1. Open a Service order.

  2. Click Select standard (see above).

  3. Select which logic you want to use for automatic selection of service centre.

These are the alternatives:

  • Calendar owner: The system will check which calendar the connected appointment on the service order belongs to. Then it will check who is the owner of the calendar. If this owner has a service centre at the clinic, this is the service centre that is automatically chosen on the service order.

  • The patient's primary physician: The system will check if the patient's primary physician owns a service centre at the clinic. If the primary physician has a substitute, the system will check if the substitute has a service centre, and choose that one.

  • Manual selection: You pick the service centre and service performer that will be added automatically to the service order.

Next time you create a service order, the service centre that you have chosen will automatically be added.

Create your own services

Note that only the clinic administrator has access to create services.

Open the New service window:

  1. Open Configuration and settings.

  2. Then Ledger > Services.

  3. Then click Add new service.

  4. Fill in the details, and click Add to save.

Useful to know when creating a service centre:

  • Service code is used when a user searches for the service.

  • Description is only visible for the clinic, and will not be displayed on the patient's receipt.

  • Service name is shown on the patient's receipt.

  • Standard price will set a price each time this service is shown.

Automatic services

For the services to be added automatically to the service order, they need to be connected to the appointment type.

  1. Open Configuration and settings, Planner then Appointment types.

  2. Click on the appointment type you want to change, and a new window will appear.

  3. Open the Service codes tab.

  4. Click Setup service codes and choose your calendar.

  5. Click Update and Update type to save.

You need to choose the calendar the services should be connected to so that other practitioners at the clinic can use the same appointment type even though they are using their own services.

When you create a service order that is connected to an appointment, the services that are added to that appointment type will automatically be added to the service order.

If you need to use automatic services for group appointments, this is not added under the Service codes tab. Just add the services you want to use in the Service code field.

Service groups

If you want to create a combination of different services, which is searchable on the service order, just create a service group.

  1. Open the configuration module, Ledger then Service groups.

  2. Click on Add service group.

  3. Fill in the details, and click Add to save.

Everyone at the clinic will be able to use this service group.