HelseNorge for patients
PatientSky is integrated with HelseNorge. For you as a patient, this means that if your general practitioner (GP) uses PatientSky, you will be able to book appointments and send messages to the clinic from the HelseNorge portal.

What is HelseNorge?

HelseNorge is the public online service for healthcare information for citizens in Norway including services delivered from different actors in Norwegian healthcare. Through the helsenorge.no portal, you as a patient can access your health information, change general practitioner, get an overview of your prescriptions and vaccines.
HelseNorge and PatientSky are two separate systems talking together. The systems are integrated to make the best work experience for both doctors and patients.
Which services are available at HelseNorge is depending on which services your GP is offering, e.g. appointment booking or e-consultations.

Log in to HelseNorge

    In your browser, go to www.helsenorge.no.
    In the upper right corner, click Log in. You can log in using BankID/BankID on phone, or by using any of the other login methods presented.
    When you have logged in, you will see the services your GP offers below the GP’s name.

Book appointment

Your GP’s available appointments are synchronized with HelseNorge’s booking solution. This means that you can book appointments with your GP through HelseNorge.
    Click Book appointment.
    Choose an available appointment in the calendar that pops up.
    Write a reason for the booking.
    Click Book.
You find information about the booking in the inbox or below the Appointments further down on the page. The booking will also be visible in the patient portal and in the app.

Changes to appointment

You as the patient can cancel your appointment through HelseNorge, if it has been allowed by your GP.
    In Appointments, click the appointment.
    Click Cancel appointment.
If the clinic cancels or moves your appointment, you will be notified through HelseNorge and see the changes in Appointments. It will also be visible in the patient portal and app.


You can also start an e-consultation with your GP through HelseNorge, if the GP offers this service.
    Click Start e-consultation.
    Fill in a subject and write your message. You can add attachments, e.g. images.
    When done, click Send.
Your GP receives the e-consultation and will reply within a maximum of 5 days.

General contact and prescription requests

To send a general inquiry to the clinic, click Contact the clinic. To request a renewal of a prescription, click Renew prescription.
The clinic receives your inquiries. You will be notified through HelseNorge when you have received a response.
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