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PatientSky Journal is a 100% cloud based journal system. Everything you need to work in the system is a computer, internet connection and a browser (we recommend Google Chrome).
Use the menu bar on the left to navigate between the different articles about PatientSky Journal.


I am afraid I will lose what I have written if my power goes out or I lose internet connection. How do you solve this? Everything you write is saved in the cloud every other second. So in the worst case you only loose two seconds worth of data.
A patient contacts the clinic and provides information of administrative character. How do I document this? You can use administrative notes for this purpose.
How do I write a note that is not included on a potential export of the journal. You can use personal notes in the Widget field, or clinic notes which are visible for everyone on the clinic, but still not included in an export or print of the journal.
Where do I find an overview of possible shortcuts? You can either click the pluss icon in the top left corner of the platform, or use the shortcut ALT+X, or
Click on the i icon (at the bottom of the screen on the far left in the platform), and then Shortcuts to get an overview over the keyboard shortcuts you can use on the platform. This view can also be printed.
You can also open the shortcuts overview by pressing Alt + X, and search for shortcuts by using Ctrl + space.
Are the journal notes visible for the patient? No, journal notes are not visible for the patient. But it is the patient that owns their journal data, and they can ask for an export of their data whenever they want it.
Who at the clinic can see my journal notes? This depends on the settings you have chosen. A clinic administrator can determine who should see each others journal notes, and not. If default settings have been chosen you can only see your own notes.
Is it possible to scan directly into the journal? Yes. Choose to add a file to a journal entry, and go to the scanning tab. A first time download is required.
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