Document templates

Learn how to create document templates.

You can build your own document templates to save time when creating documents for patients.

Open the Configuration module and go to Document templates under Journal. Here is an overview of existing templates, if any.

Overview of document templates

Create document template

To create a new template, click Add template in the overview.

  1. Add a name in the document template field, that will show in the overview.

  2. Add a subject, that will be visible to the patient.

  3. Add your text and content.

You create/edit the template in the first tab, and click the preview tab to see the final result.

You can insert images from your own computer or from websites by drag and drop.

The templates can also use different tags that retrieve information from PatientSky, to easily add the patient's name, treatment date, practitioner name, etc. This will then correlate with the relevant information when using the template.

Write a @ in the content field to see and select the different tags.

Here is also an overview:


Day numeric

Employee name

Employe role


Month numeric

Next day numeric

Next month

Next month numeric

Next year

Patient address

Patient age

Patient birth date

Patient birth number

Patient frist name

Patient gender

Patient last name

Patient middle name

Service provider address

Service provider name

Service provider




Document template example

Here is an example of a document template.

Example of document template

Use documents

Read how to use documents here.‚Äč


Why do I get a blank page when I create a document template?

This can occur when you copy and paste text from another application like Microsoft Word. Often, this pastes the text with additional invisible formatting or characters, which may mean that the first page appears blank.

You can avoid this by:

  • Remove formatting in PatientSky. Highlight the text and click Remove formatting.

  • Paste without formatting. Press Ctrl + Shift + V eller Cmd + Opt + Shift + V (mac) to paste your text in PatientSky without formatting.

  • Remove invisible characters. Place your mouse cursor after the first letter in your text, and then press and hold the delete key for a few seconds. Retype the first character you removed. This removes any invisible characters.