Electronic messages

Learn how to send and receive electronic messages in the system.

The platform supports electronic data interchange (EDI) via the Norwegian Health Network (short: NHN). As a member of the Health Network, you can, via our system and the health network, communicate electronically with other practitioners and institutions in the Health Network about everything from blood tests and X-ray results to referrals and discharge summaries.

Read more about the service at Norsk Helsenett (in Norwegian only).


In order for the clinic and the practitioners to be able to send and receive electronic messages, some pre-configuration is required. This is done by our team on behalf of the clinic. The following setup is required:

  • The Norwegian Health Network integration must be activated for the clinic, along with the additional service Electronic messages.

  • Buypass certificates for message exchange must be registered.

  • For certain message types, a HER ID for the clinic and each user must be added.

  • EDI address equal to the one registered in the NHN address registry must be added, for most types of messages to work.

  • CPA ID must be registered for messages to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

  • Employees must have their Buypass smart card available for signing some type of messages, e.g. sick leaves.

Send messages

All electronic messages linked to the journal, can be accessed and created from the paperclip icon in a treatment note, or by using shortcuts.

Search for shortcuts by clicking CTRL + Space.

Access electronic messages from a treatment note

The recipient field in each message is linked to the NHN Address Register. Here you can search for a practitioner, clinic, institution, or service. Sending to a service is only possible if the recipient you are sending to has registered service-based messaging in the NHN address register.

You can also choose one of the services at the clinic as the sender, if your clinic uses service-based messaging.

Read how to send each message type using the menu on the left side.

Search for receivers registered in the NHN Address Register

Sent messages

Access all your sent electronic messages:

Received messages

Electronic messages that you receive from other practitioners and institutions are received in the communication module and as a journal event in the patient's journal.

In communication, the inbox Feedback is found in all main mailboxes. All the electronic messages are categorised in this inbox. In addition to this, there is individual inboxes for NAV / HELFO and PLO.

Electronic messages are recived in the communication module.

You can filter on the different electronic messages using the communication type field.

Filter on different types of messages

Handle incoming messages

How you handle the electronic messages you receive, depends on the type of message.

  • Some messages requires signing (not with Buypass card), to confirm that . you have seen the message. The messages you sign will be archived and moved to the Archive mailbox.

  • In some messages you can report noncomformities, e.g. in a received requisition.

  • Some messages can be replied to, e.g. certain dialogue messages.

  • Some messages may contain attachments, e.g. dialogue messages. Open the attachment by clicking it.

Read more about how you handle each message type in the left side menu.

Forward messages

It is possible to forward electronic messages, for example if the message has been sent to the wrong practitioner.

You can forward messages if:

  • You are the reciever of the message or

  • You have access to all messages at the clinic

Note that only the clinic administrator can grant access to all messages at the clinic. Read how here.

Messages can be forwarded to all positions, groups and those who have a specific function in a group.

  1. Open the message you wish to forward.

  2. Click Forward.

  3. Select the participant you wish to forward the message to. When you forward a message, you are removed as the participant of the message.

  4. Click Forward (see how).

The messages are received in the recipient’s inbox and can be handled there.

  • Note that only open messages can be forwarded.

  • Text written in the response field for dialogue messages will not be included when the message is forwarded internally.

Failed messages

If an electronic message fails and not goes through to the receiver, you will be notified in Important alerts. Open the message to see the error message and to do possible changes.

Read more about how you check the status for the different messages and solve errors in the Message log.

Important alerts notifies you about errors

Patient message overview

In the patient's journal, click Correspondence.

This gives you a full overview of all sent and received messages regarding the patient, categorised in the different types. Other messages also show in this overview, such as e-dialogues, e-consultations, LAB requisitions and LAB results.

Switch between the different tabs by clicking them or using the tab key on your keyboard. Click the message to open it and view the details.

Get a full overview of patient messages in Correspondence