Journal templates

Learn how to create and use journal templates.

Create journal templates for notes you write regularly. All users can create and access the journal templates on the clinic.

Create a journal template

Journal templates can be created directly in the journal or in the clinic module.

For creating a template while in the journal,

  1. Create a journal note and click templates on the right side.

  2. Use the fields to add your content. Name is mandatory.

The fields are the same as in the journal entry (subjective, objective, assessment, plan).

To create a template from the clinic module,

  1. Create a template or see the overview of the templates already created in the list.

Using a journal template

  1. Open the patient's journal

  2. Create a new journal note

  3. Click templates

Choose from the list which template to use.

If you already have text in the journal note and add a template to the journal note, the template text will be added in addition to what you have already written. It will not replace the existing text.