Learn about our LAB module.
The lab module allows you to request lab samples and register results on the samples directly inside the platform.
The lab module uses NLK codes (Norwegian Laboratory Code System) to secure structured data. We also have integration with the largest providers of laboratory services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a lab order? Anyone with access to the lab module can create a lab order.
Who receives a lab order? Those added to the settings as part of the recipient group. Those who take part in the group will receive these orders in their inbox in the Post module.
Who receives the lab results? After the order has been processed, the answers will be sent to the requester of the sample. The applicant receives the answer in his inbox in the Post module.
Can I attach lab results in Electronic Messages? No, not today. In that case, they must be entered in the journal note in order to be added to references and epicrisis.
Is it possible to receive lab answers from other systems for patients registered with a D number? Yes, our system can receive lab answers from other systems for patients with a full personal number and D-number, but only the birth date is not sufficient.
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