Local product catalog
On the PatientSky platform the clinics has its own local product catalog, where you can register locale articles.
Click on the Clinic module, go to Medical services and click on Local product catalog.
The product catalog has three tabs: Local articles, Magisterial drugs and Templates.

Local articles

Click on New to register another local article on the clinic. Fill in the empty fields.
  • Article type: Choose which article type this is, drug or supplement.
  • Product name: Choose a name for your local product
  • Form: Choose what kind of form the product it produced in
  • Prescription group: Choose which prescription group the product belongs to
  • Active substance/strength: Click on the plus icon to add active substance and define quantity/strength. You will now see this.
  • ATC: Add a ATC code
  • Producer: Fill in the producer
  • Administration route: Choose how the drug should be used or ingested.
  • Dosage unit: Choose an alternative for dosage.
  • Packing unit: Choose how the product should be packed.
  • Area of use: Choose an area of use from the list or use free text. Press Enter to add.
  • Dosage suggestions: Search or press down arrow to see dosage suggestions.
When all the fields are filled out, click Save and the product will be added to the list with the status Active.
In the overview you can sort between the status Active or All. If you sort by all you also see disabled articles.

Deactivate local article

To deactivate or delete a local article from the catalog, just click on the article from the list and choose either Deactivate or Delete.
If you deactivate, you can find that article when sorting the list by All. If you choose Delete, that article will no longer be available.
If you click on an article that is deactivated, and do changes or click Save, the status will automatically be updated to Active. You can also create a copy of the article by clicking Create as new article.


The third category for local product catalog is Templates. Here you have the opportunity to create templates for drugs/medicine (included magisterial) and commodities, which can be used when you create an instruction. By creating a template with predefined information, writing prescription will be more efficient.
Fill out the fields:
  • Name for local template: The name will appear when you use the template creating a new instruction and can be search for.
  • Product group: Choose whether the template applies to drugs or commodity. The fields change based on what you select. In the example above, we have chosen drug.
  • Article: Search or press down arrow to see all articles. The magisterial drugs registered on the clinic will also appear in the list.
  • Use: Choose how the article should be used: regularly, as a cure or when needed.
  • Administration route: Choose how the drug should be used or ingested.
  • Dosage: Choose the dosage. Based on which drug you choose, you will get suggestions from FEST.
  • Area of use: Choose an area of use from the list or use free text.
  • Should not be combined with other drugs: Tick on this option if this article should not be combined with other drugs.
  • Generic switch allowed: This is ticked on as default. If you choose to not allow generic switch, you have to leave a comment.
  • Comment: Write a comment here if needed.
  • Package: Choose the packaging for the article.
When you are done filling out the fields, click Save. The template is added to the list. When you create a new instruction, you can search for the name of the template. Make changes to the instruction if needed.
Last modified 1yr ago