Medicine overview
Get to know the medicine overview
Each patient has their own medical overview. Open the overview by using the shortcut Alt + M or click the medicine icon in the journal.
The medical overview contains a wide range of features.
  • At a high level, the overview is divided into categories for: Drugs, Nutrients, Medical equipment, and Vaccines. There is also a tab for SYSVAK.
  • Every category can be sorted by Ongoing, Historical and All.
  • You can use the gear icon to filter the information.
  • External information from RF is at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you have migrated from another system, you will also have a field for Migrated information the first time you open the patient's medical overview.
    • Print out the medicine list
    • Merge with RF
    • Send PPL messages
    • Filter out instructions and prescriptions
    • Verify connection with RF

Instructions and prescriptions

PatientSky makes a distinction between an instruction and a prescription to ensure a complete overview of all recommended or prescribed treatment, independently if it’s prescription or non-prescription based medications. In this way we can easier keep track of possible interactions between articles.

Authorise messages

When you open the medical overview for the first time, you need to authorise two messages to complete the RF lookup:
  • M09.5 Request for available prescriptions on patient
  • M9.11 Request for drugs in use
Save your PIN for the next 8 hours to avoid signing the lookup everytime you open a new patient.
Remember that you need to sign with your pin every time to prescribe or revoke a e-prescription.


Your HPR number controls your rights and access level in the medicine module. For example, doctors with requisition rights can start and prescribe prescriptions, whereas health secretaries are able to create or renew prescriptions as drafts if an instruction already is created, they are not able to start new treatments.
Some access permissions are managed from the employee card:
  • Medical CAVE
  • Non-medical CAVE
  • LAR
  • PLO

FEST integration

The FEST integration includes suggested dosages and pre-filled information when creating prescriptions, information about reimbursement or whether you need to apply specifically to prescribe a drug.

Treatment in widget

You can view a patient’s medicine list from widgets. Click on an article to make changes to the instruction, write a prescription and more.

Interaction alert

FEST integration also provides interaction alerts. The interactions can either be in green, yellow or red, depending on severity. Hover over the exclamation point in the medicine overview for more information.
Interaction alerts are also available in the info tab when you create a new instruction.
  • Green interaction - No measures needed: They require no action, and are for information only.
  • Yellow interaction - Precautions should be taken: They require a click to confirm that they have been read, before you can proceed.
  • Red interaction - Should not be combined: They require you to write a reason for why the drug has been prescribed to the patient.
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