Norwegian Immunisation Registry - SYSVAK
PatientSky integrates with the Norwegian Immunisation Registry.
The vaccination card in the medicine overview
Go to the patient's medicine overview and open the Vaccination card tab.
The top line shows when information on entries in SYSVAK was last requested. Click Get SYSVAK information when you want to get updated information. This may take from 5 - 10 minutes.
The following actions can be performed in SYSVAK:
Registrations of new and missing vaccines are saved as events to the patient's journal.
PatientSky will automatically synchronize with Norwegian Immunisation Registry (SYSVAK) if the patient is registered with a Norwegian birth number or D-number.
For patients not registered with a birth number or D-number will only be created and stored locally, but can later be updated once the numbers are registered.

See status in SYSVAK

The status of SYSVAK is shown with colours and icons. Hover over the icons to see explanation.
Green: The entry is registered in SYSVAK Red: The entry is rejected by SYSVAK. Hover over the red warning triangle to read the explanation. Grey: Vaccination is stored locally in PatientSky and not in SYSVAK. Orange warning triangle: Warning about the entry. Information icon: Information about the entry.

Frequently asked questions

Why is some of my SYSVAK information missing from the overview? SYSVAK is only synced with patients registered with a national ID or a D-number. If only the birthdate is registered, it won’t be able to sync.
How do I report side effects or suspicion about side effects? This is not possible to register digitally in SYSVAK at the moment. It can be reported by analogue mail to folkehelseinstitiuttet.
How do I know if SYSVAK receives the information? Status from SYSVAK is available in the medication module under the Vaccination card tab.
Last modified 1yr ago