Medical instructions that are associated with prescriptions

Create an instruction

To prescribe a prescription with PatientSky you always start with creating an instruction.
Create a new instruction by pressing ALT + O, or click New instruction in the Medication overview of the patient.

Fill in the instruction

Example of instruction window
  • Choose the article: This is medication you wish to prescribe, with variations for brand and active ingredients. The Select alternative button shows you more alternatives for each article.
  • Dosage: When you select a medication, you’ll get suggested dosages from FEST (the Norwegian medication database). You can quickly choose the right dosage by writing in shorthand: 1x2 = 1 tablet, taken 2 times per day 2x3 = 2 tablets, taken 3 times per day 2+1+2 = 2 tablets in the morning, 1 at lunch, 2 in the evening You can create your own dosage structure if the suggested dosages do not fit your needs.
  • Duration: By default, the start date is set to today. You can also choose a date from the list, or search for durations such as ‘7 days’, ‘2 weeks’, ‘6 months’. Prescriptions are automatically discontinued after the end date.
  • Info tab This shows you CAVE alerts, double prescribing warnings and alerts from SLV (the Nowegian medicine agency).

Edit instructions

Click on the action icon on an instruction in the list to edit it.

Discontinue instructions

Click on the action icon, then discontinue on an instruction in the list.

The prescription is removed from the Ongoing list, and is placed under the Historical list. If there is a valid prescription for the instruction, the user who created the prescription will receive a notification recommending that the prescription should be revoked.

Restore a historic prescription

Go to the Historical list, and click on the action icon, then New treatment.

Instructions related to LAR treatment

LAR prescriptions can only be prescribed to registered LAR patients. Read how to register a LAR patient.
When you create an instruction for a narcotic drug, toggle on Part of LAR treatment.
When you create a prescription, you can create a dispatch request and choose LAR as type.
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