Structured dosage
If FEST (the Norwegian medicine database) does not provide dosages that suit your needs, creating your own dosing structure gives you quick access to custom amounts. You can set custom treatment plans, such as where the medication is reduced over time or taken periodically.
Create a new instruction, and select New structured dosage in the dosage field.

Fill in the details

The available options vary depending on what you have already selected in the instruction.
As you enter the dosage, you’ll see a preview of the instructions that will be printed at the pharmacy.
For each of the fields such as dosage, time of day, and before/after, just start typing and you’ll get useful suggestions (e.g. 20 tablets, Kl. 14, morning).
The managed/used field shows how the medication is administered. If tablets are to be administered, this field is greyed out.

Specific dates and breaks in treatment

Under more options you can choose specific days and dates when the medication should be taken, and set up periods where the treatment is paused.

Variations in dosage

Click New Sequence at the bottom of the window. Here, you can enter detailed information about variations in dosage (e.g. 1 tablet on monday, 2 on tuesday… ) and get the specific dosage you require.

New dosing element

This allows you to specify individual elements of a dosing structure (e.g. if only the first dose contains a higher number of tablets). Click New dosing element at the bottom of the Dosage window.
Last modified 1yr ago