Consent lists and reservations

Consent lists and reservations

As healthcare professionals, you do not need to request permission to access your patients’ prescriptions.
However, the patient can choose to block healthcare professionals from seeing their information in RF (the Norweigan prescriptions database).
If a patient has blocked you from seeing their prescriptions: RF will only show the prescriptions you have created, and you will be notified that the patient has restricted your access.

Managing patients’ consent

This is a list of all users that the patient has chosen to either give or withdraw their consent. As a healthcare professional, you can also manage it on their behalf.
Go to the Patient card > Consent list.
Here, you’re able to add or remove users, as well as filter by consent. Make a change, and the list will automatically update.


A patient can decide who can view a list of the medicines they are using or have been prescribed (in Norway this is called LIB or ‘Legemidler i bruk’). If a patient decides to prevent a healthcare professional from viewing this list, it is called a reservation.
Reservations that a patient has made can be found by going to Patient card > Reservations. Like Consent lists, you can also manage the reservations on behalf of a patient, removing or adding users when required. Healthcare staff who have a reservation against them can still view other information about the patient’s medical record.
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