Log in

Learn how to log in to PatientSky.

Go to www.patientsky.com -> choose country and you will be directed to the correct page.

Click where it says to log in. There should be a button a the top right corner. Choose to log in as Personel.

When choosing Personel you will be directed to https://portal.pasientsky.no/. Save this as a bookmark in your browser. This will make it easier for you to log in next time.

Different login methods

There are four different methods for login:

  • BankID: Log in using electronic identification from your bank.

  • Mobile BankID: Log in using electronic identification on your mobile delivered by your bank.

  • Buypass Smartkort: Log in using your BuyPass smartcard.

  • Mobilpålogging: Log in using an SMS-code received on your mobile phone.

Click to choose.

Are you experiencing problems with your BankID, you need to contact your bank.

Mobile login

In some cases, it is necessary to use mobile login. Like in some cases where BankID might not be working or there is some maintenance planned.

Clinic administrator can activate mobile loging for others at the clinic. Click here to learn how. In some cases our support can do it for you.

This is how you use it:

When mobile login is activated, you will receive an SMS including a password.

Du mottar en sms med passord til innlogging

1. When choosing how to log in, choose Mobile login.

2. Fill in the correct information and add the password you received by SMS.

3. Click Log in, and you will receive a new SMS including a code.

4. Add the code you just received, and click Log in.