Edit the clinic's opening hours to be visible to the patients in the app and online.

Use the availability feature to inform patients through the app, the patient portal and possibly on the website, if the clinic uses our website functionality.

To view and edit the clinic's opening hours, go to Availability under Clinic in the configuration module.

Clinic's opening hours

Edit opening hours

To edit opening hours, toggle on is open on the days of the week the clinic is open. Type in opening hours in the start and end fields. This feature is mainly for information to patients and doesn't affect other modules such as calendar or VoIP. Read more about VoIP configuration here.

Add a closed day

Click Add closed day if a day shouldn't appear in the app, on the website or in the patient portal, or to close the phone and the calendar. The patient will not be able to book appointments and will get directed to voicemail if trying to call the clinic.

Adding a closed day

Import national holidays

Here you click the dropdown and select if you want to sync with national holidays. The function might vary depending on the country you are in.

Norwegian public holidays imported