The calendar is a powerful and easy way to manage your time. Set it up once, and it'll help organise your appointments and office hours for the year ahead.
The calendar in PatientSky is a dynamic and flexible solution for appointments, it can be adapted to different service practitioners and clinical areas.
Each health professional decides their own availability, and patients can easily book appointments through the online patient portal or through the PatientSky app.
A weekly overview for one health professional.

Calendar view

By default, the calendar shows your own appointments. View another user's calendar by going to the drop-down menu.
The arrow shows where you select which calendar to view
Use the mini-calendar in the upper right corner to open another day. You can also navigate the date by using Alt + Arrow keys and return by clicking on Today.
The mini calendar also shows you how many appointments you have available or not:
    Green: Many available appointments
    Orange: Some available appointments
    Red: None available appointments
You can choose to hide patient information in the calendar temporarily by using the shortcut Alt + K.
You can easily print the calendar by clicking on the printer icon.
You can also see if another user is about to book the same appointment as you. Look for a blue dot on the appointment.

See multiple calendars simultaneously

To do to this, you'll need to create a display group.
    In the calendar module, go to the calendar drop-down (shown above), then click Create display group.
    Give the display group a name and select the calendars you would like to view.
    Click Create display group, and it'll now appear at the top of the calendar drop-down list, ready to be used.
This can be a useful function for receptionists and secretaries wanting to have a full overview of all the service practitioner's calendars.

Change how the calendar appears

The settings pop-up makes it quick and easy to customise how your calendar looks. Click the Gear icon in the toolbar.
Here you can modify:
    The size of the text/font
    What hours are displayed - you can only show the hours you work, and hide the hours you're out of office
    What information is shown on each appointment in the weekly or daily overview
    Time intervals - useful if you have a lot of shorter or longer appointments
You can choose different settings for the day view, week view, and group calendar view.

Appointments widget

To get an overview of today's appointments wherever you go, you can add a widget.
    Open widgets by clicking the arrow on the right side of the platform.
    Click the plus icon to add widget.
    Add Appointments today and select which calendar you want to display.
The red line shows the actual time of the day


Why should I use week templates and the schedule? We recommend everyone to use week templates and the schedule to ensure predictability in your work. Using these tools enables you to schedule your typical work week and put everything into your calendar to plan several weeks or months ahead. This is useful for efficient workdays and lets your patients know when you are available.
How do I make my calendar and appointment types available online for my patients to book? You can easily make both your calendar and your appointment types available for online booking. This is done in the settings for your calendar and appointment types. Both appointment types and calendars are set to online by default. If you do not want to offer online booking, change to offline. We recommend to setup the appointment types you have chosen to be online in your week template, in order for your patients to get an overview of which appointments are available and when.
How do I add a price code to an appointment type? If you have PatientSky's ledger system, you can add price codes to your different types of appointment. This makes sure the price code is automatically added to the service order when you create one after the patient's appointment. Go to the appointment type settings and the price codes.
How do I invoice a patient who missed their appointment? Right click on the appointment, click the action icon, and Did not attend. You can then create a new service order from the appointment and invoice as usual.
Where do I find cancelled appointments? All cancelled appointments, cancelled by the patient or the clinic, are found in Cancellations in the Calendar module.
Where can I see an overview of the patient's appointments? Go to the Patient card > Calendar to see an overview of all the upcoming, previous and cancelled appointments. By clicking on each appointment, you will find more information.
Where can I print out an overview of the patient's appointments? Yes, just open the Patient Card (Alt + P), then Planner, and click the print icon. Tick the appointments you'd like to print.
The print icon allows you to choose the appointments you'd like to print.
How do we check in people staying in the clinic (ex. 24 h monitoring)? You need to create a new calendar for these kinds of appointments. Then you need to create an appointment type that lasts 24 hours.
Will the patients receive notifications if the appointment type is changed on a booked appointment? No, the patient will only receive notifications if the appointment is booked, cancelled, moved and a reminder 48 hours before the appointment. Depending on whether it is activated on the clinic.
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