Learn how to setup and plan in your calendar.

Set up your calendar by following these steps:

  1. Create a calendar for each health professional or service you have at the clinic (e.g. for a lab, doctor or therapist)

  2. Add the different types of appointments that represent the services you offer

  3. Create a weekly template with your appointment types, so staff can easily see what is offered and so patients can book their classes online

  4. Add your weekly template to your work plan, which can be used for weeks or months at a time

Create a calendar

Each health professional at your clinic should have their own calendar. If you've migrated data from another system, you may find that some calendars have already been automatically set up.

Go to Configuration and settings > Calendars, and click Create new calendars.

The Calendar section in Configuration and settings

Initial configuration

As part of the inital set up you can customise how each calendar functions. You can configure:

  • Whether this calendar should be available for online booking

  • Which patients can make appointments

  • Restrictions for appointments and cancellations

  • If you want to receive notifications when patients book or cancel an appointment. This means that you can receive a text message on your phone if a patient book or cancel their appointment online.

  • The public and internal names. The public name is what is shown to patients when booking appointments online, and the internal name is what is shown to your colleagues at the clinic.

Create appointment types

To create an appointment type go to Configuration and settings > Appointment types, and click Add appointment type. You'll see the window below.

Configuring appointment types

Choose a name (visible to patients) and default duration for the appointment.

A Hidden appointment is not visible for patients and is often used for administrative work), a Group appointment is for more than one patient.

If you want to inform the patients about another Visiting address or add additional information about the location, you can just add a visiting address in the set-up. You are able to write in free text in the field Street.

The medium type determines how you'll communicate with the patient. You can choose to hold an appointment in person, a video or telephone consultation.

Use the Extra information or Automatic template fields to add in notes which will be shown to the patient when they book online.

Enabling notifications will remind patients about their upcoming appointments – it is an additional paid service to help you minimise missed appointments. A confirmation is sent 5 minutes after the appointment is scheduled, a reminder is sent 48 hours before the appointment. The patient will also receive a notification if an appointment is moved or cancelled.

Online settings give you the option to enable booking and cancellation restrictions, limiting the number of appointments patients can book at once, and setting a minimum notice period for cancellations.


From the tab Rules you are able to add additonal rules for the appointmentype. This includes automatic service codes or setting up restriction for who should be able to book this appointmenttype.

Automatic service codes

By setting up automatic service codes you will save valuable time when creating service orders later.

In PatientSky automatic service codes are configured on the appointment types. Go to the tab Rules, choose your calendar and the service codes that should be used for this appointment type.

Since service codes are linked to the different calendars, all practitioners can use the same appointment type. We recommend that you create appointment types that all practictioners can use to avoid an unnecessary amount of appointment types.

When you create the service orders, the service codes are generated based on which calendar the service order is created from.

For group appointments, automatic service codes are generated by answering questions that are visible when a group appointment is chosen. Read more about group appointments here.

Which patients should be able to book this appointment?

Similar to the setup for the calendar, you are also able to set up restriction for which patients that should be able to book this appointment type. Go to the Rules-tab -> Choose your calendar and the patient list you want for this appointment type.

If the appointment type is available online and you have added patient list-restrictions, this appointment is still available for those patients via app or the patientportal even though the calendar is not available online.

For the appointments to be available online without login, the calendar needs to be available online in addition to have chosen All patients as a patient list restriction (both settings in the calendar).

For group appointments, this kind of restrictions is also set under the Rules-tab.

When setting up this restriction, you are able to see this from the calendar. This assumes that you have toggled on for the view setting Available online.

Create week template

By using week templates, the system knows when you expect patients. A week template structures your work days, saves you clicks and provides a faster overview of available appointments.

Go to the Configuration module, Week templates and click Add week template (see where). Choose a name for the week template and a color to differentiate between the different week templates. Choose if you want the weekend displayed if you work weekends.

Smart slots

When you build your week template, you can choose to add smartslots.

Smart slots in the week template

In a smart slot you can choose all the appointment types you would like to offer within a chosen time period, with a chosen interval between each appointment type. The selected interval will tell the system how often appointments should be offered, e.g. every ten minutes. Double booking is not possible. If no interval is selected, then each appointment type will start once the previous appointment has ended.

Example: Let's say you offer many different appointment types, e.g. regular treatment, examiniation, ordinary doctor consultation, renewal of driving license etc., all of them of different lenghts. For you it doesn't matter when the different appointments are offered during the day - you would like for the patient to be able to book whichever appointment they need at the given times. Then you select all the appointment types you would like to offer in a smart slot.

Build your week template with smart slots (see how):

  1. Double click on the time of the day you want the smart slot to start.

  2. Click Create timeslot.

  3. Select all the appointment types you want to offer from the list. You can also use the search field to search for appointment types. Note that group appointments cannot be added to a smart slot, as the patient should not be able to decide the start time for a group appointment.

  4. Choose an end time for the slot.

  5. Choose an interval, e.g: every appointment type should be offered every ten minutes for the chosen time period.

  6. Choose an alternative for online appearance.

  7. Click Create timeslot.

Online visibility

If you have chosen to offer online booking of appointments, you can choose if all the appointments in the smart slot should be available for booking or if you only want to show the first available appointments.

If you select "Show only first available" , the patient will only be able to reserve appointments that appear as first in line, or appointments that ends within 15 minutes before the next appointment starts or begin within 15 minutes after an appointment has ended. Example: The example below shows a smartslot consisting of two appointment types. The appointment 10.30 - 10.40 is booked. If you choose "Show only first available" for this smartslot, the following available timeslots will show: Before booked appointment: all the timeslots within the period 10.00 - 10.30. After booked appointment: all the timeslots within the period 10.40 - 10.55.

Individual time slots

If you want to be in control of which appointment types you offer at what times, you can set up individual timeslots in your preferred order.

Follow these steps (see how):

  1. Double click on the time of the day you want the appointment to start.

  2. Click Create timeslot.

  3. Select the appointment type you want to add from the list.

  4. Add the number of how many of this appointment type should be offered in a row.

  5. Click Create timeslot.

Repeat and select other appointment types to vary which appointments you offer.

Adjust your week template

  • If you have several similar days in a week, you can copy one day and paste it into another (use the arrows next to the day). You can also remove a whole day if needed.

  • If you want to change appointments you have already entered, right-click on the section and change the appointment type or delete the entire section.

Click Create week template to save the template. Then add your template to your schedule.

Change available appointments in the calendar

You can create several appointments directly in the calendar, for example, if you are going to work longer one day or on a day off.

In the same way as in the week template, double-click on the desired time in the calendar and select create time slot. Select the hour type and number of hours to be entered. This makes it easier for colleagues to see how you work, and that the hours can be booked online by patients if you have chosen this.

Deactivate a template

Open the template, and click deactivate (in the lower left). It will now be found in the inactive tab.

Create a schedule

Add the week template to the work schedule to plan your work for the next months or years. This will help you get an overview of how the other practitioners at the clinic work, which makes it easier to plan vacations and other reasons for absence.

Go to Configuration and settings > Planner > Schedule and find your calendar from the dropdown menu. Press Shift and click on the weeks you wish to plan for. Click on the week template you want to add.

You can also click on one week at the time. This makes it easier to create your work schedule if you work differently from week to week.

Add closed day by clicking on Closed days. Import holidays or add closed days manually. All the calendars will automatically be closed for online booking on closed days.

Are you already aware of days where you are not available at the clinic? Click on a week template on a chosen week and toggle off days you are not available. This will only apply to your calendar.