Learn how to send and receive messages - internally, with colleagues and to the Patient.
The Communication module makes sure that patients and service practitioners can communicate on the highest security level (Level 4). This means that both practitioners and patients need to log in with BankID to read and send messages.
The inbox


All messages to and from the clinic are sorted by different mailboxes:
  • Unread: all unread and unactioned messages.
  • Open: all open messages that are not dealt with yet.
  • Sent: messages you have sent
  • Archive: All finished and closed messages.
If you have been given the access:
  • Clinic's open: all open messages at the clinic.
  • Clinic's archive all finished and closed messages at the clinic.
Access is managed from the employee card under Data access.
Go to the Clinic module, Clinic set up, Employees. Double-click on an employee, then Data access.
Each mailbox is also sorted by message type. These depend on what kind of messages are activated for the clinic.
  • E-dialogue: General messages/requests from patients. Relevant Helfo service codes are available.
  • E-consultation: These messages need to be initiated by the patient, and is only for medical issues. Relevant Helfo service codes are available.
  • Prescription request: Patients can ask for prescription renewals.
  • Invoice questions: The invoice number is attached to the message to help you solve these kind of requests (Only for clinic that use Melin Medical terminal).
  • Internal messages: Dialogue between you and your colleagues at the clinic.
All the electronic messages that are sent to or from NHN are also available in the communication module (eg. referrals, sick leave). What kind of messages that are available depends on your role or if the clinic is connected to NHN or not.

View settings and search

Click at the gear icon to change your view settings. This only changes how you view your messages.
Keep track of when participants read their messages. Turn it on in the view settings. A Green dot means that the messages have been read, orange means unread.
Click on the magnifying glass to open and close the search options. You can sort by the different kinds of messages, patients, and participants, and search by using free text.
The inbox is updated and receives new messages every fifth second, but if you want to retrieve messages manually, you can press the new refresh button (see how).


As same as the other modules, you can also add communication in widgets.
Open widgets, click on the plus icon, and choose from the list.
  • Inbox: Overview of messages of your choosing. Set up the overview as you want.
  • Overview: A simple overview of number of messages you have received. You can choose what kind of messages you want to be displayed.
  • To do: Overview of all the messages you have marked as To do. Add To do from your view setting, and then mark the messages as to do.
  • Open tasks: Overview of all open tasks where you are responsible.

Communication on the patient card

All messages to and from a specific patient can be found on the patient card.
Choose the patient in the search field and open the patient card by clicking on the patient's name or by using the shortcut Alt + P. Click on Post.
The reading receipts along with message status are shown here. Filter the messages by using the drop-down, and click on the message to open it.
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