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You can easily send messages both to your colleagues and patients using the communication module in PatientSky.
The patient that is activated in the search field is automatically chosen in the dialogue. That makes it easy for you to send a message to your colleague regarding the patient. If you want the patient to also receive the message, they need to be added as participants.
New incoming messages are clearly marked, both in the module and widgets.

New dialogue

Click on the dialogue icon or use the shortcut Alt + D to create a new dialogue to a patient or a colleague.
Patient shows which patient this message is about. If the patient is activated in the search field they will automatically be added here. You can remove the patient, or choose another one by searching.
Click if the patient should receive the message. If not this can be an internal dialogue about a patient. If you only wish to send a dialogue to a colleague, just remove the patient.
Participants tells you who is sending the message and receiving the message. You can add more if you want. You can only add more colleagues in the same message. You can not add more than one patient.
Fill in a subject and write your message. Click Send.
Keep reading to learn about more opportunities when creating a dialogue.


Click on the paper clip to add an attachment. Choose from an existing file or upload a file from your computer.

Set the dialogue as a task:

    Choose who is responsible. This can either be the patient, a colleague or yourself.
    Set a deadline and a description.
Tasks can be viewed from widgets, inbox, and Important alerts.


You can choose between the following settings:
    Set the message as private, which means that only participants can read the message.
    If this is a message that is important or urgent, you can change the priority. The message will we visible from Important alerts and at the top of your inbox.
    You can also demand an answer and set a deadline.
Task and Settings offer more options for each dialogue

Use templates

To use a template in a new dialogue, start writing in the Subject field to search. Use one from the list. All the fields will automatically be filled out. You can edit the content if it's needed.
To answer a dialogue with a template, open the dialogue you want to reply to. Under Reply template, search for the template you want to use and click to add (see how).
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