Granting access to a relation enables them to see and manage your patient details.
You can manage your relations in the Patient Portal.

Adding and revoking access

Only practitioners at a clinic can add new relations or entirely remove existing relations. You can however grant or revoke access for any relation that has already been added by a practitioner.
When you log into the Patient Portal, your relations are shown on the right side. If a relation has access to a patient’s profile, this will be shown with a green tick. Remove or grant access by clicking on the eye icon (see where).

Access other patients

If you are added as a relation for another patient, you can access their profile in the following way: Log into the patient portal. Hover your cursor over your own name (in the upper right) to open the Change context menu. Click on the patient’s name.
You will now be imitating the patient. This is shown by a yellow banner at the top of the screen. You can click Stop imitating to go back to your own profile.
Last modified 2mo ago