Patient Transport / Pasientreiser
In PatientSky you can easily order transport for your patients using Pasientreiser. We will copy the details Pasientreiser needs so that you can complete the requisition in Pasientreiser. When the requisition is completed we will automatically copy the requisition number back to your calendar. The appointment will be marked with an icon that indicates patient transport. You can find the requisition number on the appointment, patient card, or from the clinic module.
This is how you can use Pasientreiser:


The configuration is very simple. You need to add the following information:‌
  • User location number (The clinic's HER-ID)
  • User location password (Information given by Pasientreiser)
  • Requisitioner ID (Information given by Pasientreiser)
This is set up from Configuration and settings module Transportation.​‌


There are some patients that I can't create a requisition for in Pasientreiser - Why is that? The patient needs to be registered with a complete social security number. Otherwise, you can't order transportation for the patient.
Wrong or none requisitioner is chosen when I try to create a requisition for transportation? The calendar's owner is automatically chosen as requisitioner. Make sure that the right practitioner is listed as the owner of the calendar you are creating a requisition from.
Why can't I choose the right practitioner as requisitioner? The requisitioner needs to be set up with a requisitioner ID. Open the Configuration and settings module Transportation. Add the requisitioner ID next to the employee's name.‌
I can't find Transportation in the clinic module?o The clinic needs to be connected to NHN and registered with a HER-ID. Send your NHN information to PatientSky Support if you have not already done it.
We use PT-number as the User location number. What should we do then?Contact Pasientreiser to connect your account from a PT-number to a HER-ID.
The patient is not able to cancel his or her appointment from the app or the patientportal? Appointments that are connected to a requisition for transport, can not cancel their appointment online. If the patients want to cancel their appointment, they need to call the clinic.
The clinic adress does not appear inn NISSY (Pasientreiser)? Contact Pasientreiser, so that they can make sure that this information appears automatically.
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