Access to journal

Learn how to open your journal notes for other colleagues.

Default settings

By default users on a clinic can only access (view and edit) journal notes written by themselves. But the administrator on the clinic can give extended access to other users at the clinic to enable them to access other users' notes.

It is also possible for a clinic with different practitioner types to choose only a specific practitioner type to access their own notes, while other practitioners on the same clinic cannot access these notes. Read how.

When you do not have access to certain journal notes this is what you see in the journal:

Patients access

Patients cannot access journal data in the app or the patient portal, but legally the patient is the owner of the data. The patient can at any time request an export or print.

Access to journal events

For general access to journal events, the permission setting must be toggled on for the user in the clinic setup.

A journal event is the term for the different actions that can be performed in the journal or at other places in the system, e.g. sending discharge summaries, sick leaves and other electronic messages, prescribe medicine if you use the medication module etc. These are added as events to the main journal (example).

Which journal events each user gets access to, depends on the employee's role in the system.

Only doctors, health secretaries and nurses can see journal events related to medication and LAB, e.g. information about prescriptions, SLV applications, lab results and more.

All roles can view journal events related to discharge summaries, requisitions, referrals and other electronic messages.

Note that users who have access to the LAB or Medication module, will still be able to access these modules, even if the user is in a role which does not have access to the journal events related to these modules.

Access to document and journal templates

Only users with access to the patient's treatment notes should be able to use and create document templates and journal templates. Documents can be added to a treatment note and journal templates can be used when writing the note.

To give access, toggle on Patient's problem list for the employee in the clinic setup (see where).

The user gets access to document templates and journal templates in Configurations and settings and in a treatment note.