Objective measurements
Learn how to use structured data for different measurements in the treatment note.
PatientSky uses Open EHR standards in order to accommodate international standards for data input in objective measurements. By doing this we contribute to improve future international research. This data is applicable to improve other parts of the platform, such as forms or electronic messages.

Set up

It is possible to add structured clinical data to the journal. This requires:
  • The user must have access to the journal.
  • The user must have one of the following roles on the platform: doctor, health nurse, nurse or health secretary.

Add measurements

Objective measurements are entered in the Objective field in a treatment note.
Here, the experimental feature to automatically detect objective measurements is not activated.
In the Objective field, type @. This will provide you with a list of measurements you can add values to.
  1. 1.
    Choose measurement.
  2. 2.
    Insert values.
  3. 3.
    Click Register (see example).
The values you add will be displayed in the Timeline visible in the top bar menu in the journal.

Edit measurements

  • In the draft, click the measurement to change it (see how).
  • If you want to change the measurement after your treatment note is saved, click the action icon on the note, click Edit and change the measurement by clicking it (see how). Deleting and re-adding the objective measurement will not register a new value. The change is also reflected in the Timeline.

Supported objective measurements

Objective measurement
Max value
BMI (Body Mass Index)
Blood pressure
Body temperature
Respiratory frequency
Per min

Experimental features

This feature is in a pilot phase. This means it is being tested on a limited number of clinics in order to test and adjust the feature before making it accessible for everyone. This is to ensure the best possible user experience.
We are continuously improving our products, and we have added a concept where you can activate 'experimental features'. Enabling these will then give you pre-access to new features that we are testing out i.e. auto-detection of objective measurements in journal notes. By trying out these features, you are contributing to the constant development of our products. You can always toggle them on/off if you like.

How to activate and deactivate experimental features


In the treatment note, click on Aktiver eksperimentelle funksjoner under the objective field. Click Activate in the dialog that appears (see how).
Once the experimental feature has been activated, it is ready to be used. The practitioner is not required to complete other actions, since the feature will work automatically.


You can deactivate the function by clicking on the action icon (three dots) at the bottom of any treatment note, and clicking Deactivate experimental features. Click Deactivate in the dialog that appears (see how).

Auto-detection of measurements

To document objective measurements, open a treatment note in the patient journal and start typing in the objective field. When you write the text, the system automatically detects and converts the values. Converted values are in bold. Objective measurements can also be detected if you copy/paste them.
Type in keywords and the system automatically recognises the measurements
The following keywords are recognised by the system and activate the conversion:
  • Blood pressure - bt, blodtrykk, blodtryk, bp, blood pressure
  • Temperature - temp, tmp, temperatur, temperature
  • Height - højde, height, høgde, høyde
  • Weight - vægt, vekt, weight
  • Oximetry - sp02, spo2, sat, o2
  • Pulse - puls, pulse
  • Respiratory frequency rf, respf., respf, respirationsfrekvens
Note that you will have to add the value/data followed by 'space', or 'enter' in order for the measurements to be detected, e.g. height 175.3 . Some objective measurements can only be integers, e.g. blood pressure. For these, you can also use a full stop in order to trigger the automatic detection.


Can I customise my own measurements for auto-detection and documentation? No, only keywords already added to the list are recognised.
Are there any other experimental features than auto-detection in objective measurements? No, currently this is the only function available when you activate experimental features. You will be notified on the platform when we launch new features.
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