Phone system

The phone system provided by PatientSky is called VoIP - Voice over IP. Learn more about our phone system here.
Incoming calls are highlighted wherever you are in PatientSky

We deliver a cloud based IP phone system, so as long as you are logged in to PatientSky you can use the solution. You will be able to answer your calls no matter where you are because the phone follows the user. Log in and out of groups to leave and enter different phone queues.


I can't hear anything in my headset? Make sure that your settings are correct. Hold cursor over the phone icon and click on "Settings". Choose which device you want to connect to in "Sound settings".

I should receive calls, but I don't If you want to receive calls from main queue, make sure that you are member of the group "Reception", with the function "Reception Callsenter". This can be managed by a clinic administrator in user settings.

Can I use my own, personal headset? Yes. As longs as the headset is connected to PC and connected in "Sound setting".