Quickguide - First-day configurations

The clinic setup

It is important that everybody goes through the first three steps together, before moving on to individual setups. You can print this guide by clicking the link above.

1 - Accounting
2 - Price codes
3 - Appointment types
1 - Accounting

You start by Creating an account (see where). If every practitioner have separate accounts, you can do this individually.

If the clinic have one common account, then add each practitioner to the member list on that account.

2 - Price codes

If the clinic is using price codes, these need to be created in the economy module.

3 - Appointment types

Start by creating appointment types (see where).

View appointment types as something offered by the clinic to its patients. Create appointment types in common, example if many practitioners offer appointments with 30 minutes duration, this can be created as one appointment type. The main variables are often the duration of the treatment and if it should be available for online booking.

  • Give the appointment type a generic name (ex. 30 minutes treatment, 40 minutes treatment, examination 20 minutes, etc.). The name you give the appointment types will be visible to the patients if it's available for online booking.

  • Price codes on group bookings are automatically calculated. The system only needs to know which type of group booking it is, and which price codes are connected, by settings on the chosen appointment type.

  • It might be necessary to select an owner for the appointment type.

  • Use the event function for selecting lunch hours, not appointment type for this purpose.

Individual setup

Each user should complete these three steps to get the most out of PatientSky:

1 - Automatic price codes
2 - Weekly templates
3 - Work schedule
1 - Automatic price codes

Practitioners might all offer treatments with a 30 minutes duration, but charge differently. PatientSky connect price codes with appointment type and the owner of the calendar the patient is connected to.

This means that a patient - Jonas - books a 30 minutes treatment with specialist Jane, he will pay different price codes than if he books a 30 minutes treatment with physiotherapist Frank.

Go to settings and add the price codes you want to use for the different appointment types, to automatically be added to the patients bill when booking this appointment type.

2 - Weekly templates

The weekly templates increase the efficiency of your workday and save tremendous clicks. Consider what your normal week mainly consists of to design your template accordingly. Analytics show that the best outcome is when practitioners create their schedules containing the most used appointment types (see how).

Start by creating your template (see where).

  • Remember to update the appointment type when booking a patient, even when you are using templates (see where).

  • Do you have many similar days? Hover the mouse over the day in your template, click copy and paste to another day in your template.

  • You can design several weekly templates if your weeks looks different.

3 - Work schedule

Build your work schedule by selecting and arranging the weekly templates you created in the previous step (see where).

  • Find your calendar under work schedule in the menu.

  • Mark the weeks you want to create a work plan for by clicking and dragging over the selected weeks.

  • Click once on the weekly template you would like to use from the menu to your right.

  • Remember to click Update.

You are ready to start using PatientSky after completing these steps!

Other setups

  • Are you handling invoices in PatientSky? Click here‚Äč