Manage your patients

Learn how PatientSky helps you to manage your patients.

Create a new patient

Press Alt + F, type in birth date, social security number, d-number, or a name in the search field. Press Enter.

Since the patient does not exist on the clinic, you will automatically create this as a new patient.

If the patient is already added to another clinic that is using the platform, the information will automatically be added.

Fill in the rest of the information and click Save.

We recommend that you add the patients with a social security number. This will give several benefits:

  • The patients have access to booking and canceling appointments.

  • Patients have an opportunity to keep track of their future and previous appointments.

  • The patients have access to receipts and invoices.

  • The patients have the opportunity to send and receive messages using the highest security level.

When having an NHN connection

If the clinic has an NHN connection, you have an opportunity to add patients using the national registry.

Click Search national registry.

Get more information about the patient and add it directly. Search by either name, last name, address, birth date, or social security number.

By searching in the national registry, you are able to find and add the patient's social security number or other information about the patient.

If you have registered the wrong name on the birth date, you need to change the name on the patient card to search correctly in the national registry.

Patients without a social security number

If the patient is registered without a social security number, an exclamation point will be displayed.

Hover over the exclamation point, and click The patient is missing a birth number. Add the patient's social security number. If the clinic has an NHN connection, you are also able to search in the national registry.

Click Save to save the patient with a social security number.

Patient duplicates

In some cases, you might experience patient duplicates. If there is a suspicion for duplicatess, a warning will be displayed on the patient card.

Click Review to merge patients. To the left, you will see the main patient and to the right, you will see potential duplicates. Click Evaluate if you suspect that this is a duplicate. If not, click Do not match.

You can also do a manual search for duplicates. You can search by name, birth date, or social security number.

Information that are saved on the duplicate will autimatically be added to the primary patient. If the information is note correct, click Undo. When done, click Merge. The information is now saved on the primary patient and the duplicate is removed. Service orders that were saved on the duplicate will also be saved on the primary patient.

Undo merging

If two patients were wrongly merged, you can undo the merging from the patient card -> Patient merge

Click Undo merging and Confirm.

Migrated information

If you have had data transferred from your previous journal system, you will have to import that information into the platform. This could be contact information (address), or CAVE information about the patient. It will be displayed on the patient card if there is some information that needs to be imported.