Your profile

From the context selection you can access your own profile settings. Open the settings by clicking View profile (see how).


From Basis you can:

  • Edit your personal information. This applies to the entire platform, so it is important that the information is correct. Remember to save if you make any changes.

  • Activate mobile login if needed.

  • Change the portal's color theme. The color theme affects your user at the specific clinic. That means if you work at several clinics and change the color theme of one of them, the colors will not change on all your clinics. Everyone has the clinic's color theme by default. You can change to orange or blue (see how).

Basis settings in your profile


Employments is an overview of all the clinics where you are hired. Your position and your employment period are available.


Active context

Active context shows which context you are currently working. This means which clinic are you currently working on.

Active context

Agreement setup

If insurance is activated, you can set up your own agreements if you do not want to use the clinic's agreements.

Agreement setup

The practitioner's organisation number must be registered in Basis.

User settings

Activate or deactivate the different communication types that the clinic uses. This will only apply to your user. Just click User settings and deactivate the communication types you do not want to use.

Personal context

View your Convene information. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Convene.